Dennis, Dennis and Yancey

January 2019

Dave and Dennis at Disneyland in December 31, 2005 Dennis and Dave at Suison City, CA's 4th of July 2008 Celebration Dave, Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco and Dennis in San Francisco, June 2008

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Dave is a native of Staten Island, NY and raised primarily in the great State of Texas. He spent his important years growing up in Texas within the Houston, Texas area and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in San Benito and Donna.   He graduated from Donna High School, "Home of the Might Redskins" in 1977. Soon after graduation Dave joined the U.S. Navy for a fine career and then retired. Dave currently is working on a second career being a public servant. Dave has family in Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. Dave's hobbies include photography, bicycling, swimming. He is an active AFSCME union member. Dave is a labor activist supporting civil rights and labor causes through political action. Dennis was raised in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, NY. He attended Fort Hamilton High School where he was involved in many activities including participation on the bowling team. Dennis graduated from Fort Hamilton High School ("Home of the Tigers") in Brooklyn, NY in 1979. He grew up a hard working city boy and was employed at Lowen's Pharmacy. He then moved to Bedford, MA where he worked at Hanscom AFB. A year later Dennis moved back to New York and joined the U.S. Coast Guard. He became a swim instructor for the new recruits. In 1982 Dennis started a career in the airline industry and worked as a superviser for many years. Dennis had the opportunity to travel to 13 countries and 44 states. He moved to San Francisco in August of 1997 and now works for AT&T. Dennis has family in Brooklyn, NY and Long Island, NY. Dennis' hobbies including swimming, traveling and bowling. He loves to watch TV and his favorite shows includes all the "Law & Order" shows.

Yancey as a young puppy Yancey at Lagunitas Brewing Company br>

We met Yancey on March 15, 2013. Dennis and I learned of Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) in late 2011. A few months later we volunteered to participate in the D4D Foster Care program (currently referred to as "Canine Training Partners"). We attended weekly training sessions that gave us the necessary tools to provide a loving and structured environment for fostering the service dogs in training. Yancey was the our first dog to foster for the program. Yancey was career changed from Guide Dogs for the Blind and was sent to D4D for an opportunity to be trained to help a diabetic partner. Yancey was born at Guide Dogs for the Blind on August 16, 2011. On June 3, 2013 we had to give up Yancey as Foster Care Providers. Yancey reached his final stage of scent training and needed to be placed with a non-diabetic Foster Care provider. Dennis completed D4D Client training on December 15, 2013. A few months later he was temporarily placed with Yancey. On November 8, 2014 Dennis and Yancey graduate as a team at Dogs4Dibetics. Yancey's puppy raisers Lexy, Shawn and Don came to be part of the ceremonies. Check out the awesome work by Dogs4Diabetics at Dogs4Diabetics - Our Dogs Save Lives

Beethoven Molly Molly

Beethoven was a very dominate male. He had a dog personality. Molly was a sweet girl that we adopted from Pets Unlimited in San Francisco. Both Beethoven and Molly are no longer with us. Beethoven appears in the 2011 Pet Memorial Quilt on Our Happy Cat.com This is a very nice website. Visit Beethoven Memorial Tributepage on this site.

Our Home

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco San Francisco Skyline

Golden Gate Bridge, Skyline of San Francisco and Alcatraz

View of Concord from the top of Mt. Diablo Concord skyline

Views of the hills around Mt. Diablo and the Skyline of downtown Concord.

Dennis and I met August 30th, 1997 in San Francisco. Dennis had moved to San Francisco a couple weeks earlier while I already resided in a studio in lower Nob District. We stayed together in the city a few years then moved to Concord, California in February of 2000. We're blissed to live in one of the most beautiful areas on earth. The San Francisco Bay Area has a little of everything for everyone. Our time in San Francisco was spent enjoying the city life.

Concord, California is located in the San Francisco East Bay region. We currently share a wonderful life in our home and enjoy good ol' Summer BBQs and trips to Lake Tahoe in the Winter.

- Dave McGrath-Wagner

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