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Welcome to Dave and Dennis' ham radio homepage. We are new to the world of ham radio. We chose to become ham radio operators in part to be better prepared to help ourselves and others in our community in emergencies. We hope you enjoy our page on the net.

People can be become Ham Radio operators by obtaining a license from the FCC. A test can be taken which normally costs between $6 to $12. There are normally volunteers from radio clubs and such that give the test to people who want to become ham operators. When the test is completed and passed, paperwork is filed with the FCC and the license is sent to the user via mail. There are many ways to prepare for taking the test which include taking college courses, using study guides and other ham radio publications. The best way to learn how to use ham radios is to join others who are ham radio operators or join a local radio club. These clubs are located throughout the United States. The main benefit of belonging to a Ham club is learing from experienced ham users. It's very important to first learn the history of ham radio and it is very interesting.

Dave, KI6BEP

Amateur Radio

The links below are provided for informational purposes. The sites are related to amateur radio. There are many sites to visit but these are just a few to enjoy.

ARRL Home Page A good site to learn about about amateur radio.

Federal Communication Commission Find out about the FCC as it relates to amateur radio.

Ham Radio Online Magazine A good informational source about the hobby of amatuer radio.

Meeting People with Ham Radios A very good informative site that was suggested to me by a Communications Professor

American Radio Relay League ( ARRL ) related sites

Code proficiency award Find out more about qualification for the award.

W 1 A W scheduleA good site regarding the latest happenings in amateur radio.

W 1 A W's RTTY schedule W1AW's Rtty bulletin schedule plus transmission modes and where to find them.

ARRL Divisions Information about your division's director.

ARRL Affiliated Clubs Find an ARRL Affiliated Club.

Antenna related pages

Below , you will find some links to antenna related sites. Whether you are going to be installing a new antenna system or thinking about it, I think you will find the links below to be of some help . Good luck with your antenna "farm" and remember to always be SAFE when working with or around antennas of any kind. NEVER cut corners just to save money, your life could depend on it !!!

Champion Radio ProductsTower supplies and specialty products.

Automatic Lightning Protection Lightning rods and surge arresters.

Antennas West Lots of antennas to choose from here ! HF, VHF, and UHF antennas and more.

Ham Radio Clubs

Mt. Diablo Amatuer Radio Club

East County Radio Club

Ham Radio Supplies

Ham Radio Outlet, Locations in Oakland and Sunnyvale, CA

Morse Code Training Software

WB8DQT's CW page

Merri's Morse Code Practice Code trainer program.

NuMorse NuMorse, a program for learning or increasing your code skill.

Morse version 2.21 Morse Code Trainer by Stormy Weather Software.

MileStone Technologies Morse training software.


Advisory Alert Information

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