American Diabetes Association
Tour de Cure
June 3, 2012
New York City, New York

This year's participation in the Tour De Cure event was again special. Dennis and I woke early and started out at 5:30 am in the morning. We rode the "R" subway train to from Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), NY to Manhattan near West 54th St & 12th Streets. We arrived to Pier 94 and I promptly turned in my donations, signed in and got my bib number. I picked up my rented Bianchi rode bike from representatives of Chelsea Bicycles. A funny situation occurred in that I had a tricky time figuring out how to shift the gears on the bicycle. I ride two bicycles at home that date back to 1982 and 1983. Today's high tech bicycles have their shifter levers located at the end of the handle bars. I was embarassed to ask one of the shop techs how to shift the gears. The group of cyclists gathered around 7:50 am for some last minute announcements and the singing of the National Anthem. The ribbon was cut and we started off on the ride under clear blue sky skies at 8:00 a.m. The roads were smooth in most areas and the green rolling country sides were beautiful. I rode up to Palasides State Park area on Highway 9 West through the cities of Englewood Cliffs, Palisades, Sparkill, Piermont, South Nyack, Orangeburg in Northern New Jersey and New York. Highway 9W is among the nation's most traveled cycling routes. The temperatures during that day were in the mid 60's to high 70's. I got lucky with the weather until the last 20 minutes of my bicycle ride. A storm hit Manhattan just after I rode across the George Washgington Bridge with high wind custs. I managed to carefully ride the main boulevards amongst light traffic to Pier 94. Dennis, Denise (Dennis' sister) and I took a cab to Kats Delicatessen for dinner to celebrate the ride. I recommend that restuarant if your ever in Manhattan. In 1888 what is now known as Katz’s Delicatessen was established on Ludlow Street in New York’s Lower East Side by the Iceland brothers. A special thanks to everyone for supporting my ride with your donations to the American Diabetes Association. 25.8 million Americans are living with diabetes. The donations will help continue the important work to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. I raised a total of $1,730.00. I was surpised to find that I landed on the Top Ten list of individual fundraisers for this event on July 3rd, 2012. A total of $167,499.34 was raised at the New York City ADA Tour de Cure event this year.
I hope you enjoy the pictures below of Dennis and I along with pictures of cyclists, volunteers and the scenery. I do not have a lot of pictures on the rode during the ride this year because I pushed video button in error on my digital camera.

-- Dave McGrath-Wagner

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I'm stand next to the Chelsea Bicycles table at Pier 94 I'm putting my bicycle pump and stuff on the Bianchi Posing for a quick picture soon before the ride starts
Here I am riding around the parking lot getting used to the shifters on the bike
Here listening to last announcements and the singing of the National Anthem.  A lady did a great job singing this year. I am second to head out on the road to start the 62.5 mile route of the ADA Tour De Cure bicycle ride
I stopped to take a picture of fellow cyclists as I ride across the George Washington Bridge leaving Manhatten. This is the rest stop at the 30 mile point of the ride I raise my cup to celebrate the half-way point of the ride

I raise my fists happy to arrive and finish the ride at Pier 94 I arrive back and ride into the warehouse at Pier 94 Dennis and I seated at the table taking it easy after I arrive back from the ride
Dennis and I pose for a picture soon after I completed the ride Here I am hungry and ready for one great sandwich Dennis and I pictured in front of Kats in Manhatten where we ate to celebrate the ride
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