Southern Oregon Camping Vacation - July 2010

Ashland, Oregon · Waldport, OR · Brookings, OR · Myers Flat, CA · Guerneville, CA

Dennis and I left home and headed to Redding, CA to start up a fun vacation of camping and lots of sightseeing of Southern Oregon. In the 1980's I did some bicycle touring in a number of areas in Oregon. I chose to take Dennis to this beautiful state and show him some areas he has never seen. We hope you enjoy the pictures we took during our travels in Sourthern Oregon. I should indicate you will see text over some of the pictures if you bring your mouse over the graphics.

- Dave McGrath-Wagner

Mt. Shasta near Redding, CA

Ashland, Oregon
Shakespear - Merchant in Venice
July 23, 2010

We woke up early and headed to Ashland OR. We saw some beautiful sights including Snow on top of Mt Shasta. We had breakfast at the Morning Glory restuarant in Ashland, OR and then took a nice walk around Lithia park near downtown Ashland. The park was a lovely stream and we took advantage of it and cooled our feet in the waters. We enjoyed some swimming at the motel pool before going to the show. We went to the Elizabethan Theatre to see the "Merchant of Venice". The evening was very warm as it was 80 degrees during the outdoor evening performance. The show was most intertaining and we plan to make more trips to shows during the Shakespear Festival season.

Downtown Ashland, OR Dennis is looking for a place to have dinner
The theater we went to for the performance of Merchant in Venice.
The theater stage.  We visited the theater before during the day and got to see the workers set up everything There are usually free performances by local artists before the start of the shows at the theaters.


Waldport, Oregon
Beachside State Park
July 24-25, 2010

We left Ashland, OR early for a very nice road trip through the mountains and valleys to the coastal town of Waldport, Oregon. We arrived to Beachside State Campground for our first of 6 nights and days of camping. This was the first time in 10 years that we enjoyed camping. Our day's trip from Ashland, OR took us from hot weather in the 90's to cool weather on the coast. The temperature was approximately 55 degrees, a bit on the chilly side. We enjoyed sleeping at night to the sounds of the wind and ocean waves as they hit the shores. We chose to eat out for dinner since we just had a long road trip. The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the Drift Inn in Yachats, OR. We spent the remaining of the cool day enjoying the beach and hangin out at our campsite. The highlight of the day was our first evening cook out and camp fire.

Bridge entering the seaside town of Waldport, OR
Camp set up for our first night in the new tent.  We also got a screen tent to keep us away from the bugs.  Boy, we really ruff it. Dennis is getting a little violent
Davie Jr. is being sneaky.  He was trying to protect the food from any other bears in the area.

On our way to Brookings, OR we enjoyed some beautiful sights of the coastline including Yachats State Park.


Brookings, Oregon
Harris Beach State Park
July 26-27, 2010

We arrived at Harris Beach State Park near Brookings, OR in the early afternoon. I quickly set up our tent and screen room. Dennis was getting gear out and setting up camp. We once again went to the beach. We brought out our chairs and eventually fell asleep in them. You will see a picture below of Davie Jr. enjoying camp. This was his first camping trip and his job was to be sure the fire didn't get out of control. We spent the next day on the beach for over five hours just relaxing. We watched a DVD movie by the fire under the stars before heading in for the night.

-- Dave McGrath-Wagner

On the road to Myers Flat, CA we enjoyed more lovely scenery including Battle Rock City Park on the Oregon Coast.


Myers Flat, California
Burlington Campground (Humboldt Redwood National Park)
July 28-29, 2010

We enjoyed staying at Burlington Campground for two great days. The sight of the redwoods was amazing and the weather was warmer too. You need to watch for bears in the woods and we walked around and saw Davie, Jr. being funny again (see picture of him below). More beautiful pictures below for your enjoyment.
How about a DVD movie, Yes we decided to watch the movie Fame again.  The fire and a movie was a nice combination.

Guerneville, California
July 26-29, 2010

Dennis and I stayed at the Woods Resort for a couple nights in Guerneville, CA and enjoyed real showers and a swimming pool before heading home.





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