September 2-11, 2006

Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY
Citizens Park in Philadephia, PA
Shea Stadium, Queens, NY
Boston, MA Cooperstown, NY Philadephia, PA Brooklyn, NY Manhatten, NY

Dennis and I took a break from the ship cruise thing and travel back to the East Coast for some sports fun. Our eventful trip included time with family and visits to attend Major League Baseball games at Fenway Park in Boston, Citizen Park in Philadelphia and Shea Stadium in Queens, NY. We also stoped by the NBA Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. During the last portion of the vacation we spent time with family and attended a 3 1/2 hour taping of Fashion Rocks at Radio City Hall, NYC for a televised TV special.

- Dave McGrath-Wagner

The Union Oyster House, the oldest restuarant in America. The seafood is really good at this place.
USS Constitution berthed on the waterfront of Boston, MA

Fenway Park in Boston, MA

Our visit to Fenway Park was a lot of fun. A full house was on hand for another Red Sox game. The experience was nice but those seats were pretty tight. The newer ballparks have wider seats and more room between the roles of seats. Dennis and I still think Wrigley Field in Chicago is still the ultimate jewel of the old ballparks.

- Dave McGrath-Wagner
Visit the Boston Red Sox - The Official Site for more information.


We entered the Hall but actually we visited Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. The long awaited visit to Cooperstown was a lot of fun. It was time to revisit the many memories of historical feats accomplished by our baseball heros.

- Dennis McGrath-Wagner
There were a lot of shops to visit after spending about 3 hours walking through the exhibits at the Hall of Fame.
Dave and Dennis in the lobby of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame web site for more information.


The brief visit to Philadelphia was spent at Citizens Park to see the Philadephia Phillies play the Houston Astros. The stadium reminded us of the home of the Chicago White Sox. The fans were into the game hopeing for their team to win and stay in the race for a wild card playoff berth.

- Dave McGrath-Wagner
Visit the Philadephia Phillies web site for more information.


Dennis grew up in Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, NY. We spent a few days in Bayridge visiting his family. While we were in Brooklyn we took time to visit a few pizza parlors and sports shops to do some shopping.

Downtown Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, NY
This diner is over 40 years old and is family owned by one of the Hinsch brothers. Dennis and his chocolate egg cream drink at Hinsch Restuarant.  A favorite place during Dennis' childhood.
Dennis went to church and attended grammer school at this church. A beautiful picture of the alter.
Dennis loves Dunkin Donutes.  They are a lot better than anything we have in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While Dennis and I were staying in Brooklyn we took the train to Manhatten to see the Fashion Rocks Concert at Radio City Hall, Beauty and The Beast Musical and went over to Queens to attend a Mets Game. Our timing was rather unique as it was the 5th Anniversary since 9/11. There were lots of signs of symbolism in rememberance of those lost in the explosions.

Fashion Rocks Concert at Radio City Hall, NYC

The bright lights of Radio City Hall at night. Poster
We are posing for a picture before the concert. A view of the stage from our seats on the third deck.  Every seat is good at Radio City Hall. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw singing a song on stage during the taping for a 2-hour TV special
Visit the Radio City Music Hall web site for more information.

Beauty and the Beast Musical on Broadway

The Beauty and the Beast was a nice musical to watch. The stage sets and customs were superb.

- Dave McGrath-Wagner
Dennis obtains an autograph from Aldrin Gonzalez who played the role of Bookseller
Dennis and Dave with Brynn O'Malley who played the role of Belle Geanne Lehman, played the role of Mrs. Potts
Visit the Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Official Homepage for more information.

Shea Stadium - Home of the New York Mets

A picture of the Apple that rises up each time the Mets score a run in a game. Dennis meets his pal Mr. Met.  He spoke often before our trip to New York that he wanted to meet Mr. Met.  Mr. Met even made a point of coming to our seats just to meet Dennis.
The game took place on September 10, 2006.  The fifth anniversary of 9/11 was the next day.  There were ceremonies and special events to remember those lost in the explosions. Dennis, Denise (Dennis' Sister) and I went to have sit-down brunch at the Diamond Club before the start of the baseball game.  We served ourselves to the food and took our seats next to the windows overlooking the baseball field.  Moments later Legendary Coach Tom Lasorda walked in with a group of people and sat at the table next to us.  I quickly alerted that Mr. Lasorda was here and I quickly took a picture of him without a flash.  I suggested to Dennis that the ball previously brought for Mr. Met's signature should be given to Mr. Lasorda for his autograph.  We asked Denise to walk over to Tom Lasorda to seek his signature on the baseball.  This was one of those rare moments you ever encounter.
Denise and Dennis at the Mets game. Mr. Met is being himself on top of the Mets' dugout.
Visit the New York Mets - The Official Site for more information.



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